DALLAS, TX – Solar Window Tint Film to Reduce Heat for Condo

DALLAS, TX – Solar Window Tint Film to Reduce Heat for Condo

Apr 28, 2016


We were recently referred a client from a interior window shade business and the local Dallas, Texas area. They were looking for a solar window film tinting solution that would help them reduce heat and exposure to the ultraviolet radiation that comes from the sun. Their customer was a condominium owner in the Dallas area. After meeting with the owner of the condo we came to the conclusion that a product suitable for reducing fading and rejecting heat and UV would require a special product from Huper Optik tinted window films. We had just the thing.

The above photo is just an example photo because we do not actually have a photo of the property. But this basically illustrates how windows can introduce a lot of sun into a nice property and fade the interiors. Nice interior is like this deserve to be protected. Custom tinted window film installation is the answer.

UV rays are quite harmful to both people and property because they have erosive force. They diminish the quality of your skin as well as your furnishings. Over a period of time you will notice your interior surfaces have faded from the sun’s UV rays. Getting solar window tint film installed at your residence or your commercial business property will help ensure that expensive furnishings are preserved.

Reducing heat in the home or business is a priority. This was also important for this particular condo owner. Controlling heat and UV with this Hooper Select Sech window tint project allowed the owner to take advantage of heat reduction properties. Solar window film helps keep buildings cooler. During periods of very hot weather they can help keep you comfortable.

Due to the properties previously described above, your installation of specialty solar window tinting will also help save energy. The condo owner will now experience lower energy bills due to decreased need for air conditioning and less fluctuation in temperature within the condo. If you need to get solar tint installed at your property, call us and explain your situation. We can help you get started with the right product from my wife variety of specialty window film and window tinting film.

-Written by Architectural Glass Solutions