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Huper Optik LogoWhat is Nano-Ceramics?
Ceramics are tough and stable materials used in space shuttles, integrated circuit components and industrial cutting tools. Nano-Ceramics are atomic-fine, equivalent to 0.000000001m discrete optical coatings which are deposited through reactive plasma processes.

The Hüper Optik® Ceramic coating is composed of electrically conductive transition metal oxy-nitride which has intrinsic solar selectivity originating from its unique molecular structure. Hüper Optik® Ceramic films are therefore able to reject more heat and are more durable than most other window films.

Why Nano-Ceramics?
Hüper Optik® Ceramic films are the smarter choice and offer outstanding benefits.

Exclusive Technology
Employing patented nano-deposition technology, dual layers of ceramic thin film are coated to form a high performance heat and glare barrier. This exclusive technology introduces the window film industry to one of the world’s first and only nano-ceramic film.

Unparalleled Performance
The films are 100% dye-free and 100% metal-free. The super durable ceramic coating spells the end of fading dyes and demetallisation woes. Nano-ceramics possess spectrally selective properties which maximize total heat rejection, superior to even metallized films.

Stylish Aesthetic
Hüper Optik®’s wide range of neutral toned films offer a comfortable visible light transmission ranging from 20% to 60% without appearing shiny because of their low visible light reflectivity. They meet most vehicle and building regulatory requirements.