Window Blinds and Shades

Architectural Glass Solutions has been a specialist in window blinds and shades since 1999.   Mostly known for our expertise in window film, window blinds and shades are the perfect compliment to window film.

Window blinds and shades provide control of light, provides privacy, and helps maintain internally generated energy, A/C and heat.  Provides style and compliments the interior and exterior look of any home or office.

There are situations where home or business owners may think window film is the solution where actually a window blind is the best solution.  If the client only called window film companies, they will only recieve window film solutions.

Window blinds and shades provides Architectural Glass Solutions the versatility to have the best solution for any type of window need.

Architectural Glass Solutions is one of the few companies that are both a window blind/shade dealer and certified and all types of window film.